​     ​A photo collection by Sydney Bolton showing RAF aircraft people and places  from 1922-24

Very little information accompanied the photo set as it was discovered yet they form three subject groups of aircraft, people and places. Are these the youthful photos of politicians or WW2 pilots, who knows ? As key facts become established they will be presented in a more formal portfolio so please offer any information you may have. 


The aircraft are quite easy to identify but where are they and which squadron are they with ? If you can help with any information please use the contact email.

Historic Photography


Many shots are of airplanes, airfeilds and historic sites. If you can help with any information please use the contact email.


There are mixed groups of people, they are all someones ancestors. If you can help identify any of the people please use the contact email.

Hard  Calibre - the book

​Welcome to the Photobook that brings the past to the present and the story that links the generations. This site is a treasure trove of unpublished service pictures of historic aircraft and places that may include your ancestors. Hard Calibre is a remarkable first hand account of RAF life during World War 2 in the UK, South Africa and India.

HARD  CALIBRE  - Kenny's Story  by Phil Riley 

In the 1930's as a teenager Kenny was accustomed to an element of danger from riding motorbikes to working on the 'Hippo' fuel tankers yet this palled against the situations that were presented during his experience as an Armourer (one of the 'heavies') in the  RAF.

Invariably it is the heroics of aircrew that capture ones interest, but it was the groundcrews that enabled that to happen.

Of so many people that supported the Royal Air Force in WW2, thousands of stories could have been told but simply faded away.

Kenny's story was saved, but only just. The result is a dynamic and turbulant account of his personal exploits and near death experiences from the Home Front to the Burma Campaign. 

​Hard Calibre is available on Kindle, Amazon and direct from  priley497@btinternet.com

As a tribute to all those who served, view Sydney's photos from 93 years ago and read Kenny Butterworths story of his experience during WW2.

30 Sqdn. is the only remaining squadron that Kenny served with, see the change.​